NEGROS OCCIDENTAL – Perth Paradise Resort: To Infinity and Beyond

Last January, I went to Visayas with my friends to tour Dumaguete, Siquijor, Bacolod, and Iloilo in particular. However, I had a different flight itinerary because I booked later than them on Cebu Pacific Air. My flight was unfortunately delayed for 3 hours due to overbooking issues. In lieu of the delay, they provided me a free domestic round trip ticket valid for 6 months. Thus, I was able to fly to Bacolod for free which was my gateway to Perth Paradise Resort.


Perth Paradise is a resort in Negros Occidental located specifically in Sipalay City named as “The Jewel of the Sugar Island”. Tourists visit this resort mainly for its infinity pool where a breathtaking panorama of islets can also be witnessed. It is a 5-hour ride by public transportation and a 3-hour ride by private car from Bacolod City proper. Note that you may also consider Dumaguete City as an entry point but Bacolod City is preferable since it is nearer.


From Bacolod City Proper, head to Ceres Bus South Terminal along Lazuriaga Street. It takes about 30 minutes by taxi from Silay-Bacolod International Airport to the terminal. Upon reaching the terminal, ride a bus going to Hinoba-an.

(Note: Non-aircon bus is worth P234.00 and leaves every 30 minutes with its first trip at 2:30 A.M. and last trip at 8:00 P.M., while aircon bus only has a one trip at 2:00 P.M. For more details, visit here.)

Inform the bus conductor to drop you off at Sipalay public market where you can ask a tricycle driver to take you to the resort. I suggest contacting a driver beforehand for a faster transaction. I highly recommend one of the reputable drivers named Kuya Dado because he is accommodating, dedicated, and offers Sipalay tour without charging a standard tourist rate. (I discovered him through this blog!)

Kuya Dado’s contact no.: 09217865615

To return to Bacolod City, you may opt for a taxi/ fx ride instead since it has a similar rate as the non-aircon bus but guarantees a shorter travel time.


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The peak seasons are from March to June and December to January, while low seasons are from June to November and February. Apparently, the weather was not cooperating during our stay last July. Nonetheless, we focused at the bright side albeit the gloomy weather because unlike typical vacations where you are pressured to follow the itinerary, this trip was laid-back and went perfectly with the bed weather.


Family Room
2 matrimonial bed, 2 extra beds
Good for 6 persons
32 inches LED TV, with aircon and kitchen
With free breakfast for 2
4,500 Php for peak season
4,000 Php for low season

Standard Room
2 single bed or matrimonial bed
2 pax maximum of 4
LED TV, with aircon
With free breakfast for 2
2,000 Php for peak season
1,800 Php for low season


Standard Rooms

Cabana Room
Good for 2
Non-aircon, with electric fan
With free breakfast for 2
1,000 Php


Cabana Room


Cabana Room at night

Cottages for Walk-in
With electricity
500 Php


Long flight of stairs toward the infinity pool


2,500 Php for 30 minutes
4,500 Php for 1 hour

Bamboo Rafting
500 Php


Bamboo Raft

Island Hopping
2,500 Php for 2 hours
Maximum of 15 persons

Transportation Services
Bacolod to Sipalay:14 seaters for 8,500 Php
Sipalay proper to resort: 150 Php/ pax

Free Breakfast
Lunch and Dinner range from 150 to 200 Php




Chicken Inasal


Perth Paradise does not depend on extravagance for it to be considered as a paradise. What I admire about this resort and the city in general is its simplicity, friendly locals, and unspoiled natural resources.



Ambiance: 4/5

  • 👍: Aside from the exquisite view, the resort entices tourism because of its tranquility.
  • 👎: The infinity pool is slightly small as opposed to what it seems in the photos which might cause inconvenience if there are plenty of customers.

Service: 2/5

  • 👍: The staff was amiable and considerate in person. They welcomed us instantly despite having no reservations and were eager to assist when we had concerns and requests.
  • 👎: Kuya Dado became our main contact person because the management was difficult to reach via call/ text and Facebook for inquiries and reservation purposes. It was frustrating to the point where I almost cancelled our trip.

Food: 3/5

  • 👍: The meals were flavorful and had enough serving size.
  • 👎: The preparation took too long and the menu was limited.

Location: 3/5

  • 👍: The resort exudes an unpretentious appeal since the location is not yet mainstream.
  • 👎: It is far based on the travel time from Bacolod City to Sipalay City.

Room: 2/5

  • 👍: The unfussy charm of the Cabana Room gave the impression of breaking from city life and staying in an actual paradise because there were no distractions until…
  • 👎: We woke up with bed bug bites and the raindrops were also seeping through the roof so moving to the Standard Room was inevitable. There was no downside in the Standard Room other than the 2 cockroaches we spotted (and murdered! lol).

Price: 4/5

  • 👍: The rates are more affordable compared with other resorts in Sipalay City.
  • 👎: Personally, the rate of the Cabana Room is a bit expensive given that the only things inside are the mattresses and electric fan.


Address: Brgy. 4, Sitio Sambulawan
Mobile No.: 09127300848

22 thoughts on “NEGROS OCCIDENTAL – Perth Paradise Resort: To Infinity and Beyond

  1. Wala bang eateries just nearby or outside the resort? Or like malapit na tindahan. I feel na mahal ang resort food offering nila. Plus is the resort far from Sipalay downtown, like how many minutes via tryk? Thanks.


  2. Hello! Will go there this month. I’d like to confirm where’s the FX terminal you are referring to going back to Bacolod City? Is that from Sipalay itself? Then how much is the cost?



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