MANILA – Genki Sushi: Hop on the Sushi Train

If I was stranded on a desert island and could bring only one food along, I would definitely choose Japanese sushi! Or maybe I would just catch some seafood and make my own haha (I wish). Better yet, I would simply take Genki Sushi!

Genki Sushi is a Japanese chain restaurant located at Bonifacio Stopover, Bonifacio Global City. It allows you to order a variety of sushi using a tablet computer before delivering it to your table by a train-like conveyor belt.

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Every table includes a tablet, menu, and free green tea!

Unlike the usual conveyor belt sushi where you can grab directly from the rotating conveyor belt, the ordering system at Genki Sushi is rather digital. Every table has an attached tablet computer that enables you to tap a maximum of three (3) sets per order. The menu is classified based on the following: sushi, sashimi, washoku, nigiri, gunkan, maki mono, temaki, dessert, and beverage. To view the whole menu, visit here.


Tablet computer

After choosing your order, simply tap “Order” and it will be delivered shortly to your table by the sushi train.


Sushi train

My top three among those that we ordered were Smoked Salmon, Seared Shrimp Black Pepper, and Surf Clam Gunkan. My least favorite was the Salmon Sashimi because it did not taste fresh.


L-R: Crab (P80.00), Smoked Salmon (P80.00), Fresh Tuna (P80.00), Salmon Sashimi (P200.00)


L-R: Surf Clam Gunkan (P120.00), Smoked Salmon (P80.00), Seared Shrimp Black Pepper (P120.00), Fried Gyoza (P80.00)

You also have the option to view your bill by tapping “View Bill” to check your total bill and the items you ordered. This will also remind you not to order beyond your budget because it can get pretty addicting to be honest. Please note that it does not include the service charge yet.


View Bill

Our total bill amounted to P820.00. After satisfying your appetite and taste buds, tap the “Billing Call” to get your final bill.

The Verdict:

If you want to experience an innovative Japanese conveyor belt sushi dining, Genki Sushi is the place to go.

  • Ambiance – 3.5

The restaurant is simple, clean, straightforward, and interactive.

  • Taste – 3

The food tasted satisfactory compared with other sushi that I have already tried.

  • Service – 4

I love the high-tech concept of effortless ordering via tablet and quick delivery by the sushi train. The only downside was I expected an actual service since the restaurant is considerably new but the server literally just guided us to our table and did not say or do anything else.

  • Price – 4

The food is reasonably priced from P60 to P420. They also have take-away party sets ranging from P500 to P2300.

Genki Sushi Philippines:

Location – 2nd Level Bonifacio Stopover Pavilion, Rizal Drive cor. 31st Street, Taguig City

Contact No. – 6242867

Operating Hours – 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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